Promotional Paper Bags Supplier in Australia

Paper Bags are an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic shopping bags.  Paper bags these days have been in a huge trend from the grocery shopping, bakery, to the shoes and apparels shopping. Paper bags with glossy lamination in it, shopping has been more fancy with paper shopping bags. With hundreds of paper bags supplier in the country, where can you find the best one, let’s discuss it here?

Paper, the material comes from a sustainable source and is easily decomposable. Chilli Go Green has been providing this sustainable solution to all the small, medium and large retailer for almost a decade.

Chilli Go Green is the best place for all your paper bags needs. We provide the best customisable paper bags at a reasonable price. We can even procure paper bags direct from suppliers overseas at a great price for higher quantity demand.

Paper bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Laminated Glossy Wine Bags, Apparel and Shoes Carry Bag in Large, Medium and Small, Grocery Shopping Bags made from papers, tiny paper bags as the gift sets, almost all kind of custom paper bags are available at Chilli Go Green store. Paper bags can be printed with branding for a customised look.

Why Promotional Paper Bags?

These days, the big fashion companies have started offering customised elegant carry bags for their products which further glamorise the standard of that product. Paper bags are a great alternative to plastic bags for retailers wanting to project a more ethical brand due to changes in consumer perception. Paper bags are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic shopping bags as they can be composted and recycled.

With states across Australia banning single-use plastic bags, custom branded paper bags provide a great branding opportunity for the retailers.

Chilli Go Green provides high quality and customisable promotional paper bags.

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