In early days, plastic cups used to be very famous. But after people became more health conscious, paper cups came in role. Well, the disposable paper cups do come in use but since these cups are not reusable, it is kind of hectic buying them again and again especially for office and corporate use. Paper cups are useful for the events, parties, gatherings where these cups come to be cheap and beneficial to use. For the office use, paper cups were then replaced by the reusable coffee cups. But giving more justice to the nature, new biodegradable coffee cups, alternative to these reusable coffee cups has now been introduced.


Very fascinating, isn’t it ?


With the advanced degradation in the environment, people now are becoming more conscious towards the nature and it’s preservation.


To the people who believes in environment sustainability and wants to make their coffee drinking habit a non threat to environment, this bamboo reusable coffee cups has been invented.


My Promo has been providing the best Reusable Bamboo Coffee Cups. The cups are made up of Bisphenol A free, quality food grade and dishwasher safe material. The cups have 400ml capacity with a heat resistant silicone band and a clip-on lid. My Promo provides the quality customizable bamboo coffee cups for your business promotion. Custom print your business name and logo on the products with My Promo. They provide the best customized biodegradable coffee cups at high wholesale amount in reasonable price.


Other best options for reusable coffee cups, Chilli Go Green has the variations of reusable cups like Neo Vacuum Insulated Cups, Glacier Copper Vacuum Tumbler, Ceramic Coffee Mug, Collapsible Silicone Coffee Travel Cup and many more on the store.


The impacts of plastic pollution on our environment and especially on our marine life are a very real concern to the Queensland Government and the community.

It is estimated that close to one billion single-use lightweight plastic shopping bags are used in Queensland each year.

While the majority of these bags end up in the landfill, around 16 million plastic shopping bags end up in the environment in Queensland each year. This is equivalent in weight to 96 small cars.

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