Eco Friendly products mean they are safe to the environment and by using them families can avoid the risky additives that can cause any environment as well as health issues that arise due to the consumption of the chemical-based products. One of the main reason to use eco friendly products to improve the quality of life and liveing standard in terms of morality, age, diseases and illnesses… Eco Friendly promotional products are cost-effective as well as they ensure the safety of families and the planet. Continue Reading…


Chilli Go Green offers a wide range of eco friendly bags. With people being more conscious of the environmental impact, it very important to make sure that as a business you are doing your best to reduce environmental pollution.

At Chilli Go Green, we not only sell environmentally friendly products but we also 100% carbon offset all the products we sell and certified by the Carbon Reduction Institute.

Chilli Go Green is a one-stop destination for all your environmentally friendly bags needs where you can find non-woven bags, jute bags, calico bags, tote bags and more.
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Here in this article, we are discussing the top 10 environmentally friendly promotional products. We’ve all heard about climate change and global warming at one or the other point of time in our lives. And all of us agree on the fact that every human being, including ourselves, are the culprits. In spite of having understood the urgency to shift towards a greener and more environmentally friendly lifestyle, we’ve all reached that zone where this idea has perplexed us, and more often we’ve had our share of second thoughts.

Yes, none of us are proud of it. But, is it possible to switch our consumer behavior? Can the products we’ve been using be swapped with the eco- friendly ones? Are these Environmentally Friendly Promotional Products enough to the consumers as well?

The answer to all these questions is YES!
Yes, it is possible, and yes, it is very simple.

Let us guide you through the top 10 environmentally friendly promotional products that you can use right from tomorrow!

Top 10 Environmentally Friendly Promotional Products

Paper Bags

Paper Bags are made from wood and are great alternatives to single-use plastic bags. They are easy to carry, neat and can hold lots of items. These bags can be produced into new papers in the form of newspapers, magazines, and books. So they are by all means reusable and recyclable. They are also biodegradable, thus cause no pollution. Walking down the malls and grocery shops, as you flaunt your paper bags, you’re not only spreading your “Go-Green” vibes, but also creating a ripple effect among a larger audience. If you are a company, then custom made paper bags can be among your number one branding products. These are very easy to imprint with logos, messages or tag lines and can attract your customers in a very modest manner.

No more guilt of using synthetic plastics that take centuries to decompose!

Bamboo Bags

These bags are made up of 100% bamboo that has soft and strong fibers. As the bamboo is biodegradable, by using these bags, you are causing zero harm to the environment. They are lightweight and can be used for more than just carrying groceries. What’s more interesting about these kinds of bags is that they can easily be rolled while not in use and be stored anywhere. Since they do not stretch and can carry a variety of loads, their usage is now highly diversified among a large range of customers.

If you’re exploring some marketing ideas for the next corporate event, customized bamboo bags can be the most trending environmentally friendly promotional products your company could have opted for!

Jute Bags

Environmentally Friendly Promotional Products

No need to go out there anymore and buy bags for your groceries every next week! Jute bags are extremely durable as they have very high extensibility and tensile strength than paper bags and can be used longer. They are not only reusable but the biodegradable jute fibers used to make these bags make them eco-friendly as well. They have very low water, carbon dioxide, and ecological footprint and hence cause no harm to the environment. And because they last so long, if you choose to use them as the next eco- friendly promotional products for your company, your customer will be eyeing your logo for quite a long time now.


Environmentally friendly drinkware is marketing friendly as well! Custom imprinted drinkware will not only convey the eco-friendly message but also help in your business promotion. There is a variety of drinkware available such as coffee cup tumblers, vacuum tumblers that can be personalized with logos or messages. You can use these in sports events, trade shows, regular office use, sponsored events and many more.

Calico Bags

Now that a number of supermarkets are giving up on plastics and asking the customer to bring their own grocery bags, what can you do as responsible customers? Well, you can bring your own calico bags! These are cheap and can be used for multiple purposes. Since they can be easily washed, these are reusable, and thus can easily replace the single-use plastic bags.

Tote Bags

Environmentally Friendly Promotional Products

Your custom made tote bags will go wherever your customers go! Since these bags are so very versatile and can be taken anywhere from supermarkets to the parks, your company is getting some good audience and possibly new clients. They come in a range of styles and thus offer your customers with a great range of choices.

Reusable Coffee Cups

In a report released by the Environmental Audit Committee in 2018, it was revealed that less than 1 percent of coffee cups are recycled every year, leaving billions of them to go to landfills and cause pollution.

Deciding to use reusable coffee cups in your company would not only convey the eco-friendly message to your customers and employees but it would also fulfill your branding requirement. Unlike the disposable ones, the text or design of your company stays in the custom made cups for a longer time and thus you have a lasting advertisement.

Cooler Bags

Environmentally Friendly Promotional Products

There is a family picnic next weekend and as you’re strolling down the supermarket alley, let us remind you that the cooler bags you’re looking for come as completely eco-friendly. They are available in a number of patterns, shapes, and qualities. Some of the examples are Nautical Cooler, Tailgate Cooler, and Oasis Cooler. You can use these during a long drive or for any holiday outing. These are easy to clean and keep your food thermally insulated for good measure of time. In addition, cooler bags too can be customized just as you want.

Duffel Bags

You’ve got to hit the road but are you wondering if eco-friendly travel is possible? With the 100% carbon offset duffel bags, yes it is absolutely possible. You can take these spacious duffel bags anywhere you go, from the gym to your sports practice. As they come in a variety of styles, you will have a range of options for these bags.

PET Bags

Among the list of eco-friendly bags, PET bags are quite unique. Made from the recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate materials these bags are biodegradable. They are designed to last long and you can carry them to the office or send your kids with PET school bags or even have them personalized according to your choice.

Deciding to be environment-friendly is not tough and neither is living by its principles. All you need to be now is open-minded, and in no time will you realize that shifting towards eco-friendly products is so much more gratifying.

How cool is it to know that you are doing your share in conserving and promoting the environment we all live in? And by all means, you’re being environmentally friendly in every product you choose!


As Australians, we are all obsessed with caffeine! Statistics reveal that 3 out of 4 of us need at least one cup of coffee to go out and about every day and more than 28% consume more than a cup. These data indicate the extent of coffee cups that come to use every day, multiple times a day. With the eco-friendly wave that’s hitting around the market as of late, the cappuccino served in single-use plastic cups are no longer interesting. What gets everyone’s eye is if the cup holding your drink is environmentally friendly and reusable or not but should be plastic-free. The eco-friendly reusable coffee cups are the most trending and fashionable item you could take to work. Quite literally!

Facts about Eco-friendly Reusable Coffee Cups

#1 They reduce plastic!

Each year 300 billion single-use cups are manufactured out of which 99% of them never get recycled. As alarming as this data looks, not everything is doomed just yet! While the disposable plastic cups seem convenient right at the moment, the fact that these are barely recycled and get dumped in our own environment is of everyone’s concern. The reusable eco- friendly cups switch the single-use plastic cups and thus reduce the content of plastic waste in our earth.

#2 You can use them over and over!

Reusable Coffee Cup

Yes, as they go by the name- Reusable, they can be used over and over! No need to get a new cup every single time you crave for mocha, latte or cappuccino. Having your own cup brings your own sense of ownership and a different feel every time you sip on it.

You are not only reducing your share of waste into the environment but saving money as well. These come in a variety of styles and last for quite a long period of time. All you need to do is wash them every once in a while and there you have, next best friend to calm you down with a nice warm drink.

#3 No more guilt!

It is true that all of us need morning coffee to go through our day. But the knowledge about

7,000 tonnes of non-recyclable waste we create from disposable cups each day, brings to us a huge wave of guilt. The disposable coffee cups can’t be recycled because of the plastic lining present in them. The scientists reveal that it takes next 30 years for the mere fragmentation to take place and a total of 100 years to completely break down, provided that the environment for the decomposition process is viable.

Now, can you imagine that your grandchildren would live to witness the decaying of the waste you are responsible for? Using eco-friendly cups, you are creating a safer and healthier environment for the next generation to come. You know you are doing your part.

#4 Reusable Coffee Cups can be totally customized!

Reusable Coffee Cup

Among a range of promotional merchandise, your company could have invested in, reusable cups are going to bring to you a lot in return. These can be very easily personalized with company logo, texts, designs, and graphics of any sort.

The fascinating thing about these cups is that they are durable. Your customers are going to be using them every day, some of them multiple times a day and some, throughout the day. This makes these cups excellent choice for advertising your company. Not only are your customer constantly looking at your logo, but the rest of the people are, as well.

These portable coffee cups will go with you wherever your clients go. And your clients are busy people. As they have to constantly hustle around, it’s the coffee in your customized cups that is going to boost your customer’s spirit!

#5 Cafes provide BYOC Discount these days! Bring Your Own Cup!

With the eco-friendly vibe reverberating around the entire globe, many cafes these days have begun the provision of Bring Your Own Cup (BYOC) discount. You get a certain discount on your coffee if you use reusable cups in the place of single-use plastic cups. This strategy is now achieving multiple objectives.

Not only are the coffee shops reducing the cost, but they are also reducing the waste of non-recycled plastics from their outlet. Going environmentally friendly is a great way for coffee houses to brand themselves as well. So get your own eco-friendly cups and get your discount!

#6 You are not just saving money!

It has been found that annually 720,510 trees are cut down to make more than 1 billion in Australia alone. Other research findings have shown that using one reusable coffee cup in place of disposable ones for a year, you can save 126 trees from being chopped down.

76 gallons of water required to make disposable cups is being saved. In addition, 12lbs of solid waste can be being reduced by switching to reusable cups. Cutting down on the plastic cup, you are contributing to the promotion and conservation of the environmental resources. And you thought you were just saving money!

#7 These are perfect for your Instagram!

Reusable Coffee Cup

What’s taking over all our lives these days is social media and what’s trending over the internet is definitely cute fashionable coffee mugs.

Instagramming pets, books food, clothes and drinks have become our next favourite hobby. Who wouldn’t appreciate Clicking your own custom made coffee mugs is going to bring to you likes and reacts in numbers more than you could have possibly hoped for? And what’s more? Your followers are going to be scouting about them everywhere in no time!

The environment we live in today is being less of a home to the generations that are yet to step into this world. It seems scary not knowing how to change this scenario but if we decide to change our consumer behaviour one at a time, it won’t be overwhelming anymore! All you can do is begin from baby pace. Rest will follow eventually.

So are you going to take that one step and switching to reusable coffee cups from single-use disposable ones?

You can also shop for eco-friendly promotional reusable coffee cups at our parent brand i.e. Chilli Promotions. 


Promotional products, unrivalled method for the advertisement of any emblem has been fatten all over Australia. Australia has discerned the importance of promotional products and the benefit it provides to a business for spawning a legit trust from its customer. And we suggest, more legit it will be if used eco-friendly promotional products which helps in bringing credence to one’s organization. Let’s read here why.

Demand for natural and organic products has risen eloquently with no exception because of these help from the degradation of the environment. As per buyers perception, they are being more sentient when it comes to the ingredients used in product manufacture and the effect those ingredients make to one’s health and environment.

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In early days, plastic cups used to be very famous. But after people became more health conscious, paper cups came in role. Well, the disposable “paper cups” do come in use but since these cups are not reusable, it is kind of hectic buying them again and again especially for office and corporate use. Paper cups are useful for the events, parties, gatherings where these cups come to be cheap and beneficial to use. For the office use, paper cups were then replaced by the reusable coffee cups.

But giving more justice to the nature, new “biodegradable coffee cups”, alternative to these “reusable coffee cups” has now been introduced.

Very fascinating, isn’t it?
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Paper Bags are an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic shopping bags.  Paper bags these days have been in a huge trend from the grocery shopping, bakery, to the shoes and apparels shopping. Paper bags with glossy lamination in it, shopping has been more fancy with paper shopping bags. With hundreds of paper bags supplier in the country, where can you find the best one, let’s discuss it here?

Paper, the material comes from a sustainable source and is easily decomposable. Chilli Go Green has been providing this sustainable solution to all the small, medium and large retailer for almost a decade.

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The impacts of plastic pollution on our environment and especially on our marine life are a very real concern to the Queensland Government and the community.

It is estimated that close to one billion single-use lightweight plastic shopping bags are used in Queensland each year.

While the majority of these bags end up in the landfill, around 16 million plastic shopping bags end up in the environment in Queensland each year. This is equivalent in weight to 96 small cars.

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