Promotional products, unrivalled method for the advertisement of any emblem has been fatten all over Australia. Australia has discerned the importance of promotional products and the benefit it provides to a business for spawning a legit trust from its customer. And we suggest, more legit it will be if used eco-friendly promotional products which helps in bringing credence to one’s organisation. Let’s read here why.

Demand for natural and organic products has risen eloquently with no exception because these helps from degradation of environment. As per buyers perception, they are being more sentient when it comes to the ingredients used in a product manufacture and the effect those ingredients make to one’s health and environment. As a result, many are switching to natural ingredients products for their daily life. These reasons are enough to prove why eco-friendly promotional products are best in order to grab customer credence to one’s brand.

Best Eco-friendly Promotional Products ?

Chilli Go Green, an eco-friendly trademark has been providing the competent promotional products as per business need. Normally in a corporate, coffee cups are prominently used. Let your employee enjoy their every coffee break with job oriented quotes and motivational phrases. Make your corporate gift beneficial enough to improve the credibility of your business. For this, Reusable coffee cups are the best. Personalised cups with funny and motivational doodle quotes including your business emblem, the most comprehensive merchandise product as a corporate gift to employee and customers. Proffering your company’s brochure, and other gift vouchers on eco-friendly plastic bags, the other way of merchandising your brand. Use of personalised promotional paper bags on clothing store, restaurants, shoe store, and other product selling businesses, easy brand merchandise. Calico bags, these eco-friendly bags are safer for grocery shopping and are reusable. Supermarkets and grocery sellers can use this kind of products for their brand promotion. Drinkware, the best gesture of gratitude to the loyal customers and the business employee, or an organisation donation to NGOs and other needy organisation.

When the products are non harmful to health and the environment, people do not hesitate to use them freely and that’s when your eco-friendly promotional products succeed. People actually love them and use them for their daily purpose. And for a business, it is a happy thing that people are happily using your promotional products along with merchandising your emblem happily. Here’s few of the product type list that Chilli Go Green use.

Paper Bags

Made up of paper and is replaceable to plastics, paper bags are undoubtedly the best option when it comes to searching for eco-friendly promotional products.

Snapper Calico Sling Bag

Snapper Calico Bag is made up of cotton. As it is obvious, cotton comes from nature, it is absolutely eco-friendly and not threatening to the environment.

Non-Woven Convention Bag

The products used for non-woven convention bags includes 80 gram non-woven. Simply, non-woven is a sheet of fibres, continuous filaments, or chopped yarns of any nature or origin. These bags has been coated with water-resistant polypropylene and 787mm handle.

Eco Organic Cotton Bag

Made up of 100% cotton bag with a large main compartment and internal pocket consist of 260mm drop handle.

Jute Cooler Bag

6 Can jute cooler bag is made from 100% Hessian, a woven fabric usually made from skin of the jute plant or sisal fibres, which may be combined with other vegetable fibres to make rope, nets, and similar products.

Orbit Glass Bottle

This drinkware is made up of high borosilicate glass body with bespoke natural bamboo twist as leak-proof lid.

Neo Vacuum Insulated Cup – Silver

It features double-wall construction, with vacuum insulated and includes a press-on lid for easy use. It’s the perfect accessory for wine and keeps drinks hot for 5 hours and cold for 15 hours. Hand wash only and follow any included care guidelines. 295ml capacity

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In early days, plastic cups used to be very famous. But after people became more health conscious, paper cups came in role. Well, the disposable paper cups do come in use but since these cups are not reusable, it is kind of hectic buying them again and again especially for office and corporate use. Paper cups are useful for the events, parties, gatherings where these cups come to be cheap and beneficial to use. For the office use, paper cups were then replaced by the reusable coffee cups. But giving more justice to the nature, new biodegradable coffee cups, alternative to these reusable coffee cups has now been introduced.


Very fascinating, isn’t it ?


With the advanced degradation in the environment, people now are becoming more conscious towards the nature and it’s preservation.


To the people who believes in environment sustainability and wants to make their coffee drinking habit a non threat to environment, this bamboo reusable coffee cups has been invented.


My Promo has been providing the best Reusable Bamboo Coffee Cups. The cups are made up of Bisphenol A free, quality food grade and dishwasher safe material. The cups have 400ml capacity with a heat resistant silicone band and a clip-on lid. My Promo provides the quality customizable bamboo coffee cups for your business promotion. Custom print your business name and logo on the products with My Promo. They provide the best customized biodegradable coffee cups at high wholesale amount in reasonable price.


Other best options for reusable coffee cups, Chilli Go Green has the variations of reusable cups like Neo Vacuum Insulated Cups, Glacier Copper Vacuum Tumbler, Ceramic Coffee Mug, Collapsible Silicone Coffee Travel Cup and many more on the store.


The impacts of plastic pollution on our environment and especially on our marine life are a very real concern to the Queensland Government and the community.

It is estimated that close to one billion single-use lightweight plastic shopping bags are used in Queensland each year.

While the majority of these bags end up in the landfill, around 16 million plastic shopping bags end up in the environment in Queensland each year. This is equivalent in weight to 96 small cars.

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