Banning single-use plastic bag is taking momentum globally and especially in Australia, with the state such as Queensland having already implemented the ban. But now, there is also a movement towards banning the single-use plastic straws with the most noteworthy Amercian institution is following suit.

That’s right, Walt Disney World will stop offering plastic straws in the park.

As per  Cinema Blend, the Walt Disney Company will completely eliminate single-use plastic straws in all of its parks across the world by the middle of 2019. That’s extraordinarily quick for such a big initiative.

This will result in 175 million straws and 13 million stirrers saved every year as per Disney.

Disney also plans to eliminate Styrofoam cups completely, as done by McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts.  Disney also plans to reduce the use of plastic shopping bags at its park and it has already stopped using plastic bags at its Disney store locations, and offering reusable branded bags as an alternative for a small fee.

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ALTERNATIVES: Parkes Big W store manager Joy Spice and employee Ashleigh Sense with the new thicker reusable plastic bags for 15 cents. Photo: Christine Little

The first of the single-use plastic bag bans at Parkes’ major retailers and supermarkets will come into effect from Wednesday, June 20.

Parkes shoppers will soon no longer find single-use plastic bags at the checkout, with Parkes Woolworths the first to ban the bag on June 20.

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9 News

Supermarket giant Woolworths is banning single-use plastic bags nationally from June 20, with more than 800 shops across Australia making the switch.

The move means single-use plastic bags will be axed ten days before the July 1 deadline, forcing customers to buy reusable or canvas bags if they forget to bring their own.

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