Single-use plastic bag ban begins in Parkes

ALTERNATIVES: Parkes Big W store manager Joy Spice and employee Ashleigh Sense with the new thicker reusable plastic bags for 15 cents. Photo: Christine Little

The first of the single-use plastic bag bans at Parkes’ major retailers and supermarkets will come into effect from Wednesday, June 20.

Parkes shoppers will soon no longer find single-use plastic bags at the checkout, with Parkes Woolworths the first to ban the bag on June 20.

Although Cunningham’s IGA owner Peter Boschman said their ban could come into effect sooner if their single-use plastic bag stocks are exhausted before the end of the month.

Target in Parkes does not have a date in place for when they will be phasing out their single-use plastic bags, but it was confirmed on Friday they will be following suit in the near future.

Instead of single-use plastic bags, stores in Parkes will now sell a range of alternative shopping bag options, which include thicker reusable versions at the checkout.

Thicker reusable plastic bags at 15 cents each will be the cheapest alternative at Woolworths, Big W and Coles, with “green bags” or more durable and chill bags also on offer, ranging from 99 cents and above.

Cunningham’s IGA will be offering reusable bag options at varying prices, beginning at 20 cents.

This month Coles and Woolworths stepped up their war on plastic, introducing new targets to slash the amount of wrapping in fresh fruit and vegetables as well as tackling food waste.