1. Recyclable Fabric Clothes

Whenever it comes to shopping, you must take hours to find your favourite brand’s clothing or clothes that are on the trends. But have you ever stopped and asked about the materials used in those clothes? Surprisingly, some portion of the clothing brand still uses plasticized and synthetic fabrics which are non-degradable.

Eco-friendly and biodegradable fabric clothes can thus be alternative use in such case! Not only the use of organic-based clothes will add the same grace in your looks but will equally contribute to sustainable and better environmental outcomes.

2. Re-usable Shopping and Regular Bags

From buying groceries to shopping, we use a plastic bag as often as it is easily available. But Plastic is not degradable and unless it is properly recycled, every single plastic will be a deadly threat to nature. The plastic litters the streets, ponds and gets lasted in the ocean where aquatic animals mistake them for food. When we multiply our own use by the use of millions of people across the country, it adds up fast to a mountain of plastic bags. One can replace regular polythene bags with eco-friendly bags.

The ECO Bags come in a variety of styles and sizes. From tote bags to jute bags, one can choose their favourable shopping bags. Eco-friendly bags are not only cost-effective but also spreads the eco-friendly vibes as well.

3. Reusable Coffee cups

Statistics reveal that on an average, 3 out of 4 Australians drink coffee every day.  While on the move, people rely on takeaway coffee. But for every single cup of coffee comes the use of the disposable cup, for which numbers of trees are to be cut down and only the minute rate of those disposable cups are recycled.

Although paper is biodegradable and compostable, paper cups are not the best option for the usual coffee cup. Disposable paper cups have plastic coatings which make is non-recyclable. So, start using Reusable Coffee cups instead of paper cups. Reusable cups are eco-friendly and thus can be used for long term as well.

4. Eco-water bottle

Plastic water bottles are similar to plastic bags and we use them oh-so regularly without being aware of the consequences of plastic to nature.  Plastic bottles make up a large proportion of plastic waste, and only about one in five bottles are properly recycled. Besides, BPA (Bisphenol A) a chemical found in plastic can also leak into the water inside the bottle which is an ultimate threat to health.

Thus, instead of using a plastic bottle, one can switch off to using eco-friendly bottle. Think about using a bottle made of glass, stainless steel or aluminum which are BPA free and makes it a safe, sustainable way to quench your thirst for water or any kind of beverage anytime, anywhere.

5. Eco-friendly Stationery

Ballpoint pens, pencils, highlighter, paper, and glue are now available in environmentally friendly quality with non-toxic and recyclable materials. For back to school, work, university, and every time in between, this eco-friendly stationery can prepare us for the work ahead, and help the planet as well.

Start using notebooks produced by recycling used coffee cups and other stuff. They are and are sustainable as any other normal notebooks. Similarly, ballpoint pens are that are made from recycled water bottles will equally give you smooth effortless and smear-proof writing.

6. Rechargeable battery

Batteries are non-recyclable and contain a significant number of dangerous metals such as lead. So, instead of a normal disposable battery, start using rechargeable batteries! The long run of the rechargeable battery will not only prevent environmental degradation but also will be useful for the long term.

7. Reusable Straw

We are so used with plastic straws but never care about the possible threat it can cause to our environment. There are many reasons to switch to reusable straws. We use straws once and then throw them away without a second thought, and this waste creates a lot of plastic pollution. Switching to reusable straws will lower the amount of pollution in our oceans, and less pollution means less harm to the environment and marine life!

8. House Cleaner

When it comes to cleanliness and sanitation, your houses should come in your priority after your health. Keeping your house clean significantly reduce the chances your loved ones from getting ill. But our usual house cleaners are made toxic chemicals like ammonia and bleach which might assure you of killing 100% germs but equally poses an ultimate threat.

So, start using the environment-friendly, chemical-free, non-toxic house cleaner from now on and you can rest easy in the knowledge that you have positively contributed to caring for this planet and the health of your loved ones.

9. Cloth napkin

Be it at home or usual restaurants and food hub, paper napkins seem most convenient for one-time use. But there are so many reasons why one should opt for cloth napkin over disposable paper napkins.

Although the napkins are made from paper, they are packaged in a plastic wrap that is very dangerous to the environment. Disposable paper napkins only litter the environment when not disposed of properly. While cloth napkins come in some many styles and colour and you can even make it your own custom designed cloth napkins with decorations. Moreover, cloth napkins are long-lasting and we don’t replace them very often. Even after the use, cloth napkins can be re-used into cleaning cloths. So, begin using cloth napkins over the paper napkin and make it an environmentally friendly move.

10. Eco-Friendly Phone Cases

The number of mobile phone users in the world is expected to pass the five billion mark by 2019. With each cell-phone comes the use of phone cases. Though most of us run after flashy, trendy mobile cases which are made of plastics, there are numerous sustainable phone cases you can switch on to. Not only are those phone cases made from biodegradable and are sustainable, but they’re also beautiful, unique, and durable.

From wooded phone case to recycled fishing net fibers and bamboo case, environment-friendly phone cases come in various style and designs. You can choose your favourite case to save your phone and in the meantime, you’ll save the planet as well.


We’ve all heard about climate change and global warming at one or the other point of time in our lives. And all of us agree on the fact that every human being, including ourselves, are the culprits. In spite of having understood the urgency to shift towards a greener and more environmentally friendly lifestyle, we’ve all reached that zone where this idea has perplexed us, and more often we’ve had our share of second thoughts. Yes, none of us are proud of it. But, is it possible to switch our consumer behavior? Can the products we’ve been using be swapped with the eco- friendly ones? Are these environmentally friendly products friendly enough to the consumers as well?

The answer to all these questions is YES!
Yes, it is possible, and yes, it is very simple.

Let us guide you through the top 10 environmentally friendly promotional products that you can use right from tomorrow!

Top 10 Environmentally Friendly Promotional Products

Paper Bags:

Paper Bags are made from wood and are great alternatives to single-use plastic bags. They are easy to carry, neat and can hold lots of items. These bags can be produced into new papers in the form of newspapers, magazines, and books. So they are by all means reusable and recyclable. They are also biodegradable, thus cause no pollution. Walking down the malls and grocery shops, as you flaunt your paper bags, you’re not only spreading your “Go-Green” vibes, but also creating a ripple effect among a larger audience. If you are a company, then custom made paper bags can be among your number one branding products. These are very easy to imprint with logos, messages or tag lines and can attract your customers in a very modest manner.

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As Australians, we are all obsessed with caffeine! Statistics reveal that 3 out of 4 of us need at least one cup of coffee to go out and about every day and more than 28% consume more than a cup. These data indicate the extent of coffee cups that come to use every day, multiple times a day. With the eco-friendly wave that’s hitting around the market as of late, the cappuccino served in single-use plastic cups are no longer interesting. What gets everyone’s eye is if the cup holding your drink is environmentally friendly and reusable or not. The eco-friendly reusable coffee cups are the most trending and fashionable item you could take to work. Quite literally!

Facts about Eco-friendly Reusable Coffee Cups

#1 They reduce plastic!

Each year 300 billion single-use cups are manufactured out of which 99% of them never get recycled. As alarming as this data looks, not everything is doomed just yet! While the disposable plastic cups seem convenient right at the moment, the fact that these are barely recycled and get dumped in our own environment is of everyone’s concern. The reusable eco- friendly cups switch the single-use plastic cups and thus reduce the content of plastic waste in our earth.

#2 You can use them over and over!

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In early days, plastic cups used to be very famous. But after people became more health conscious, paper cups came in role. Well, the disposable “paper cups” do come in use but since these cups are not reusable, it is kind of hectic buying them again and again especially for office and corporate use. Paper cups are useful for the events, parties, gatherings where these cups come to be cheap and beneficial to use. For the office use, paper cups were then replaced by the reusable coffee cups.

But giving more justice to the nature, new “biodegradable coffee cups”, alternative to these “reusable coffee cups” has now been introduced.

Very fascinating, isn’t it?
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Chilli Go Green offers a wide range of eco friendly bags. With people being more conscious of the environmental impact, it very important to make sure that as a business you are doing your best to reduce environmental pollution.

At Chilli Go Green, we not only sell environmentally friendly products but we also 100% carbon offset all the products we sell and certified by the Carbon Reduction Institute.

Chilli Go Green is a one-stop destination for all your environmentally friendly bags needs where you can find non-woven bags, jute bags, calico bags, tote bags and more.
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