Here we’ve included in-depth definitions of all the enviro jargon you may have come across reading through our site. Have you wondered, ‘What on earth are crank-charging electronics?’ …well scroll down to find out!


The Australian standard of compostability and biodegradability which must be met for a product to be certified as biodegradable. It is modeled upon Europe’s standard, EN13432.

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Edible, biodegradable bags help replace the plastic waste and also help to reduce the plastic pollution, Producing ‘plastic’ bags made from edible, organic food products that can biodegrade in less than a day. Using a combination of 12 ingredients that include bananas, flower oil, tapioca and corn, these bags are organic, edible and naturally biodegradable. Left alone, the bags decompose in about three months. Using water, they can be disposed of in a day or even seconds if using boiling water. Continue Reading…